A good reputation is the best asset you can have.  It can boost your earning power and ensure that you are able to achieve what you set out to do without any unwanted impediment.


Unfortunately, while it can take a long time to build up a reputation in social or professional circles, your good name can be stripped away with just a few ill-thought out or malicious words. Today, there are several ways that this can happen – verbally, on radio, television, online and in physical form.
Correcting damage to a reputation and seeking an apology and possible financial retribution can be done.  You need a particular kind of personality to follow through on a case of defamation, to target all offenders and come to a conclusion that satisfies all clients. Due to a wide range of experience in various public circles, we in a very good position to analyse publications, identify the parties responsible and persist with difficult cases to repair the damage done.


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