About us

Solicitors are there to help make your life easier.  At Sherlock Solicitors we understand that.  Everything we do is geared towards helping you achieve your goal without causing you unnecessary stress or complications.
Our Principal, Cora Sherlock has over 15 years’ experience in several areas of law, including personal injuries, residential and commercial conveyancing with a specialism in complex conveyancing and title reconstruction.
We offer a specialised service to other legal firms and businesses dealing with complex or incomplete titles.  In an area that demands tenacity, our experience enables us to identify headline issues quickly and to apply our resources to achieve project completion.
We are forensic in our assessment of legal issues and take a pragmatic approach to finding quick solutions.   Our work will lead you to recommend us as a firm that achieves a successful result in the shortest time possible.  We aim to remove stress from problematic situations and encourage you to rely on us.
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